Saturday, January 11, 2014

Beautiful Bridals at The Utah State Capitol in downtown Salt Lake City.

Sometimes it's just a little bit too cold outside for a bridal shoot during the winter in Northern Utah, so we improvise. The Utah State Capitol is a perfect location to photograph such the occasion and capture Maddie's personality, elegant style and amazing dress. There are so many great reasons to shoot at the Utah State Capitol. Just to name a few lets start with the sheer mass of the building and so much working space. Another is the timeless style of the venue, the enormous marble pillar's, the beautiful stairway's and of course the lighting. There is so much natural ambient light coming through the windows that it doesn't really matter if it's morning, mid-day or evening, because the light is so spectacular to photograph :D

I usually recommend a bouquet of flowers for the bride's to hold so they have something for their hands to do as we change up different poses and perspectives. In Maddie's case, she really didn't need them. With her beautiful dress and its details, amazing hair and tiny waistline to show off, it would have been too busy otherwise. Maddie wanted to make sure I really emphasized her bow, that she just loves and I wanted to emphasize her great lines and beautiful face.
It was the best of both worlds, not too mention those beautiful blue eyes. She did such a great job and we had a ton of fun while staying nice and warm at our beautiful location.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Nic + Dana's Bridal Shoot - Bridals / Utah Bridals / Utah Weddings / Michael Lloyd Photography / Utah Wedding Photography / Utah Wedding Photographer / Bountiful Temple Weddings / Bountiful Temple Couples / Gorgeous Wedding Couples / Beautiful Brides / Utah Brides

Nic & Dana are such Gorgeous people and so very photogenic. It's always so much fun to photograph couples that are not only confident and beautiful, but the ones who really want to have a blast and try fun ideas! I am so blessed to have so many Awesome client's that trust me and are willing to do something outside the box. There are too many pictures out there that look to similar, so I personally strive to try and find New & Fun location's and incorporate cool props and different expression's in to our shoot's. Photography is a way of life for me and I sure Love what I do.
Thank You Nic & Dana for bringing me so much joy! ~ Michael

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Nico + Stacie's Engagement Shoot - Utah Lake Engagements / Engagements / Utah Wedding Photographer / Michael Lloyd Photography / Utah Weddings / Utah Wedding Photography

Nico and Stacie were so fun. They were open to whatever ideas, they brought some cool prop's and were happy go lucky people :D Even the bugs stayed away until the very end of our shoot. Between the big tall trees, golden grass, the awesome lighting at the boat harbor, the vintage bike and killer sunset. How could we have anything but amazing images! What a blast we had guys!!
Thank You for all of the fun, ~ Michael